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Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I turned 32. It's been a good 32 years. I have pretty much everything I could ever ask for, and as frustrated as I get with certain aspects of life, I really can't complain.

For my special day I had peanut butter cookies for breakfast, then I'm going to the rec-center to play basket ball at 11:30. At 4:30 I have a wedding rehearsal to go to. (not mine - a couple I'm marrying tomorrow) Then at 5:30 I'm skipping the rehearsal dinner and coming home to one of my favorite meals. Chicken and rice, green beans almondine and carrot cake birthday cake. Dan, one of my friends is coming over for dinner and Steve, another friend is getting back in town around 6:30 and we will be playing X-box live until our eyes are blood shot.

I can't wain until next year when I turn 13!