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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Supernatural

I was walking out of parent teacher conferences Friday when my cel phone rang. I answered it and it was Jeremy, a guy from church. His dad had a heart attack about 2 weeks ago and medically was improving, but still not out of the woods. In Jeremy's calm voice he said, Dad sat down in his chair, quit breathing and they did CPR and took him to the hospital. I jump into action mode to make sure everyone who needs to know has been called. Later Friday I found out that Jeremy's dad, Dave, died Friday morning. They never revived him.

Dave was a great guy. He talked a lot, not only loved God, but served him continually, and was a little rough around the edges, but was for a fact a decent human being.

Some rather odd, or not so odd things (depending on your beliefs and experiences) have been happening since Dave's death. First, one of Dave's sisters has a dream that Dave was sitting in his chair and 3 men dressed in shining clothes came to get him and he went with them peacefully. Stress of the situation and so on, okay maybe, but when I learned that 18 years earlier Dave had been told by God that when 3 men come to get him, he should go with them. Well Dave thought they were going to be 3 business men and told some people about it. His sister never knew about what God told her brother, but Dave did die peacefully in his chair.

Second, a guy who sings in the church choir looks out while singing the first song on Sunday morning and sees Dave walk in the sanctuary, dressed in shining clothes. The guy starts crying and freaking out. The choir members can't figure out what's going on with him. After they get him in the hallway and calmed down, he explains that he saw Dave walk in, go to his usual seat in the front left, stand there and smile. Then he gave a big thumbs up and said everything is all right. Then he saw Dave turn and walk out of the sanctuary, going through the wall - not the door.

Kind of freaky and certainly makes you ask lots of questions, like what if and why. Good thing I believe in the supernatural, or I could be pretty freaked out.

One thing I seriously want is to be able to see into the supernatural realm. Kind of an Elisha and his servant sort of thing. It's weird. the church seems to be shying away from supernatural so we don't offend people, but people seem to be fascinated by it.