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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Paranoia Strikes Deep

I've noticed a trend in my parents and am wondering will I end up the same way. Will we all end up the same as we get older?

My parents, like I am now, used to be more laid back about my sister and I. You scraped your knee? Let me kiss it now quit whining and go outside and play. Got a cold? You'll live, just don't wipe snot on your shirt sleve.

Now my parents are almost kind of OCD about the whole thing. My oldest son used to love playing at their shopping mall's play area when he would visit. Now we can't even go near it becasuse two people in the town died from the flu and they might catch it there. Just this weekend they lectured me for 5 minutes on how I should never let my kids in the same county as a body of water without wearing a life jacket because they are going to drown just like that 4 year old kid who died on the East Nishnabotna river did when he was playing on the sand bar. Hello??? While I'm sorry for the family's loss, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out don't let a 4 year old play on the sandbars of the river, but I'm not going to begin some paranoid dilusion about the whole thing.

At what age should I begin to get paranoid about becoming paranoid like my parents?