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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ethics of recruiting

This week's poll results are in:
How excited are you about the end of the NHL strike?
50% Woo Hoo I'm running naked in the streets right now.
13% Yes - I'm pretty excited
13% Either way not a big deal
25% I don't understand it... I don't care
0% What is the NHL

Wow - so 50% are nudists, streaking the town. Interesting. I may have underestimated my readers.

This Week's Poll: the Ethics of Recruiting

I've been thinking a lot lately that our church lacks congregation members with job skills that would benefit us. We are very strong in some areas. For example, if the church needs construction or blue collar work done, we have all the bases covered. But we lack professional white collar people. This is very reflective of our demographics, we are a largely industrial, factory economy with agriculture mixed in.

What the church really needs is an attorney and a CPA. Someone that can be called upon to clarify legal issues, tax issues and general liability issues. For some time now I've been thinking that I need to go and recruit an individual out of our community that has these skills, get them attending our church and then use them as a resource.

Ethically, morally, religiously or otherwise is this a right thing to do?
I'm not going to quit thinking of ways to attract people to our church who don't posess such skills. People all have the same value, none is more worthy than another or deserves God's love and the church's compassion less than others. Yet, if we have a specific need for a specific skill set in a congregation member, at what point do we cross the line from right to wrong?

In my mind it expands the Human Resource roll of recruiting staff to recruiting volunteers. Is it the same in your mind?