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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What does deer, pantyhose, tomatoes and Irish Spring soap have in common?

A deer makes you think of words like cute, innocent and Bambi.
They make me see red and think poach and I'm not talking about my eggs.

For the first time in my life I planted a garden. It's something I've always wanted to do, but because of space / time requirements I never did. Nothing big, a couple of tomato plants and watermelon and cantelope vines. They were doing great until...

Stupid, cute innocent Bambi comes trotting into our yard in the middle of the night and eats every last tomato off my plants and begins to nibble at the blooms on the vines. My thought... too bad deer season doesn't open until December.

My first action was to take a variation off of the racoon control methods a friend of mine is using. He puts some "fly bait" out where the coons come. Basically an insecticide chemical that is so powerful the coons don't get out of his yard before falling over dead. A $4.99 deer block (kind of like a salt lick, only grain for deer) and some insecticide and I'm ready to murder deer. STOP! No I didn't actually do it, I left it out one night then I took it in feeling a little guilty. So instead I decide to look at holistic methods of preserving my garden.

The best advice I get is: Put some Irish Spring soap in some pantyhose and hang them around your tomato plants and it keeps the deer away. So now I'm worried the neighbors are going to think I'm some sicko who has a pantyhose fettish. At least I'll have good tomatoes to eat.