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Thursday, July 14, 2005

My life in bullet points

  • I've been preaching the last 2 services and have 2 more to go, this weekend and Wednesday.
  • I like preaching, but can't imagine doing it more than 4 times in a row... what would I say?
  • I found out horrible information about someone I admire.... no used to admire, and I can't tell anyone despite almost legal consequences if I don't.
  • Vacation Bible School is ending tomorrow. My kids are wiped out and I haven't had to do anything regarding the entire VBS week.
  • I leave for my parents today with my oldest son.
  • I'll be playing golf with my favorite golf partner for 3 days & 54 holes
  • My favorite golf partner is my dad
  • I'm fairly competitive in nature, but I've never beat my dad in golf
  • I don't think I ever will
  • I'm preaching on Sampson and his tendency for bad relationships this weekend