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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Who chooses these pictures?

So earlier today, as most of you probably already know, a series of terrorist bombings occured in England. At the time of this post around 45 people are dead, 1000 injured and of those 1000 up to 180 are seriously injured. That according to various sources and stations.

In the midst of all this, I check out MSN and they lead the story with this incredible picture.

What the heck??? The caption might as well read, "Mcculley Culkin recouted, "I was getting my regular Thursday cucumber facial when a loud explosion shook the ground. I got up, and started running. Fortunately for me, Johnathon here was just finishing rolling out a pizza crust, he threw it over my head and we ran arm in arm for safety. I was so distrought I made my Home Alone face and thought, I'll never eat peperoni stuffed crust again without thinking of that tragic day."

If anyone wants a job as a photographer for MSN it evidentally doesn't require much talent. Apply today!