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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wow - what a weekend

I had a fantastic weekend. To celebrate Valentines day, we went to the Quad-Cities to see Josh Groban in concert. If you aren't familiar with who that is... Hi, my name is Matt and it's February... 2005! Hello - You can click his name and listen to some of his music.

I knew he was good, but after seeing his concert on PBS, I kind of wondered if his concert would begin to sound like the same song in a different language after a while. Well, I'll save that for later, because opening for Josh was Chris Botti. Chris has had the number one selling jazz album for quite a while and was just recently knocked the top of the chart. He's a cool - mellow Miles Davis sort of trumpet player. After I tapped my leg, Deann's leg and the floor to the point Deann was ready to kill me, I went out, bought his CD (a thousand kisses deep) and had the opportunity to have him sign it. His signature kind of shows in this pic.

Then, Josh Groban came out. Wow way better than PBS made him out to be. Of course he can sing, and he's not quite a David Lee Roth on stage, but still, for opera he was good. And talent beyond his voice. He was great on the piano and drums too. As a drummer, that got him some major respect points with me. All in all, a great evening.