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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rose Colored Glasses

At church, we're in the middle of a series of marriage improvement sermons.
We've themed the year, "The year of the family" so marriage is where we've started. This Sunday's message is going to be about seeing your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend as God sees them, not as you do with all the barriers built by insecurities. We came up with what I think is a pretty cool illustration.

God sees us through the eyes of Jesus. Not for the screwed up people we really are, but the righteous people Jesus made us. The comparison is that God sees us through rose colored glasses. Each person on Sunday gets a pair of red glasses like these pictured below.

Then when the time comes, everyone puts on their glasses and as the message continues, points are put up on screens PowerPoint style. But, the fill in the blanks for their notes they get are like this picture below.

For example: The only request for people reading my blog is to ___(above image would appear here)____.

I know you all don't have red glasses in your purse or desk drawer, so go get a red transparency or report cover, hold it up to the screen and you can see what my only request for people reading my blog has ever been.

(if anyone wants the Photoshop file I made that lets you make your own secret messages, email me)