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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Wanna get wasted?

If you just have nothing to do and want to get wasted.... er, waste some time that is, you have to - I mean HAVE TO check out this site.

The ESP Game

It's a game, simple and relatively stupid, but WOW - there is this super addictive quality of the game. It works like this... You log in and start playing when you are paired up with a another player somewhere else in the world. Then you are both simultaneously shown a picture of an image randomly gathered from the internet. You both begin typing words to describe the image. When you both type the same word, you get points and get another image. The goal is to see how many images you can match words on in a timed period.

Like I said, sounds simple and stupid, but it is in some sort of stupid way fun.

Thanks to my sister Elizabeth and her husband Brian for the link.