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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

2 People I Hate the Most

Highschool didn't never teach me much that I needed in life. (obviously)

However, God bless Mr. Padilla, my phys. ed / health class teacher. His lessons are still ringing true in my ears. He used to say that there are 2 people he hates more than anything - a thief and a liar.

I wish more people would have heard Mr. Padilla's lectures, especially those people I'm trying to rent our most recently purchased rent house to.

One guy told me he'd been in the same place for 4 years and gave my his landlord's number as a reference to call. Thank God for iowacourts online which showed me he had been eviced from 2 places in the last 3 years. Then thank God for Google which showed me his "landlord's" phone number was actually his dear old mom. Hmmm, when confronted with this information, he suddenly lost connection on his cel phone and I haven't heard from him since. DON'T LIE TO ME.

So we decided to rent to another, more honest couple. Or so we thought. They were very up front about some problems they've had and their stories check out, but not so up front about everything. After keeping the utilities in our name for 3 weeks after they moved in, we disconnected them Monday. They couldn't get it in their names because of past bills, so we shut them off. Nice couple - hope things work out for them - but DON'T STEAL FROM ME.

So goes the struggle of south east Iowa's Donald Trump a.k.a. Matt Barrett