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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hotmail sucks

Okay, I did it, I took the big plunge and switched my email account over from Hotmail to Gmail. I know I should have probably have done it quite some time ago, but I had this loyalty to my first web based email account. I've had the same addy since 1996. Come on, nobody has the same email address for that long do they?

Anyway, I tolerated the spam and the junk and the problems, but this morning, when I went to "reply all" to about 30 people which all received the same message containing a virus and it wouldn't let me because I had reached my limit of people I could send a message to in a 24-hour period, I went over the edge. STUPID PIECE OF JUNK, @$#*%, @$*#&$<> ARRGH

So if you want to reach me, mbbarrett@gmail.com is the way now.

By the way, I got like 50 invites to use if anyone wants a gmail account, let me know.