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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Close but no cigar

After 2 days of laboring in our dining room, we are almost done laying our wood flooring. We would be done, accept we ran out of glue late Tuesday night and even though we were only about 3 strips of wood left, we couldn't finish. ARRGH - I want completion.

Here's some pics of the before, during and after.

Before. Our dining room. The ceiling looks a little distorted in this picture, but is vaulted up from the crown molding to the cream band. Also, the lines are actually straight. Not sure why they look so wavy here.

Here you can see I took the carpet, carpet pad and all the stupid little staples, glue and other stuff stuck to the floor off.

Finally, where we are now. Almost done. You can see how close we are to finishing.
Just have to glue a little more, put the molding back on and clean up. You can't see it, but we got a different light too. kind of a brushed, bronze look that matches the chocolate color of the walls.