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Monday, October 18, 2004

Bloating and not so fresh feelings

Okay, so I admit, I've made my fair share of PMS jokes when women around me get testy and irritable. But, I have also noticed that occasionally, I too get testy and irritable. My thoughts went back to my college days when I became aware of the fact that women who live t0gether cycle together. Some sort of hormonal, pheromone thing. Can't remember and don't care to, but there was some sort of biological reason. I had a theory that maybe I too was affected by the hormones in the air and began to PMS. Well, theory no longer... (link)

Maybe this also explains my constant cravings for oreos and orange juice. Women you have no idea what men go through. Not only do we put up with your PMS line of garbage explaining your unexcusable moodiness, but now we have scientific proof that our hormones are just as off balance as yours. So next time I just want to lay around in my robe and eat chips watching football I'm going to, because I'll be IMSing.