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Monday, November 05, 2007

You Tube For Business

When I'm teaching a class, like I'm getting ready to do now, I like to use video as an illustration for my point, or even sometimes just for the humor factor.

So recently, I've been spending some time searching the only spot to get your video illustrations - You Tube.

However, I've made several observations about what's on You Tube.

  1. There isn't much humor on anything financial (class tonight is on accounting). Maybe that's because there isn't much funny about accounting, but I was surprised that I couldn't find anything that related to money that was funny enough to use tonight.
  2. Business consultants make horrible You Tube videos to present their materials. If you're going to put yourself up on the web for all to see, don't use a flip chart. Even if you are Robert Kiyosaki.
  3. There is a huge untapped market on You Tube for businesses. Similar to how businesses have begun to use blogs to promote their product and increase customer retention. I don't know how it's going to look, but somewhere out there is some 18 year old computer science major developing the idea right now.
  4. You Tube is in essence a great place to go see slapstick humor, bizarre things and even some cute things, but I don't think it's reached its potential yet.
  5. Maybe Oprah will help things move along faster. She now has her own You Tube channel. Oprah on YouTube - YIPPEE!!! (typed with much sarcasm)