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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Devil Is In The Details

There is truth the statement "The Devil is in the details" on many levels, but for me the truth is that Satan himself, pitchfork and all, is the mental image I get when I look at the stack of boring paperwork facing me and the drudgery of follow up that I have to do to wrap up last weeks event.

Top it all off with an accreditation review this afternoon, where for 2 hours I get asked question after question about the details of process and procedure. It's almost like being a kid again and telling your mom that you actually made your bed by neatly pulling up the sheet, then the blanket and then finally the comforter, when in reality, you just flopped the comforter on top and hope she doesn't see the lumps underneath. (unless Jim from the accreditation team is reading this, in which case I not only neatly made my bed, but I also starched the sheets as I ironed them)

I read this article for some insight as to how to survive the details. Hoping for at least some inspiration, the only thing I came away with is the thought that the author probably is one of those retentive Nazis that irons his underwear and has no concept of joy without details.

My final answer is one that we all know. You can enjoy the big picture or you can enjoy the details. If you enjoy the big picture, you can even train yourself to tolerate the details, but in the end you revert back to the big picture. Point being, I have a killer headache all because of the details and I'm now thinking about filing for workman's comp because I've injured my brain from spending so much time looking at details - no not really.

All I want to do is go home, lay on the couch, and see the big moving picture hung on my wall as I close my eyes and sleep.