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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Entrepreneurial Spirit In The Fall

Part of an entrepreneurial spirit is the belief that you can do anything. Following that belief is the belief that if you can't do it today, you'll be able to teach yourself by tomorrow.

So, when I discovered that my son loves pumpkin pie I thought to myself, we need to make a pumpkin pie for him to eat. The air is crisp and smells like fall and it's perfect pumpkin pie weather. However, this couldn't be just any pumpkin pie made with canned pumpkin. Oh, no - this had to be a pumpkin pie made from a real pumpkin, fresh from the patch.

The only problem with this was I've never made a pie before in my life. So I got online and found a recipe with instructions on preparing the pumpkin and got to work.

I may not be a professional pie and pastry chef (yet) but it doesn't mean that I couldn't if I worked hard enough at it.

The end result, I have to say, was pretty amazing. But don't take my word for it. Judge by the expression on his face.