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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Greasy Spoon Review: Conway's Red Top

It's been almost 2 years since I've done my Greasy Spoon Review, so I thought it was about time to clog the arteries and visit another greasy spoon in Colorado Springs. Besides, I've been working hard to lose weight and I can afford to eat a little carelessly every once in a while.

Conway's Red Top is a typical burger joint with some distinctive throw back decorations to the 1970's. The booths had that great dark wood railing that shouted "I've been watching greasy burgers be devoured here since 1974.

The sign out front features their name sake "Red Top". I must say I was a little confused about this at first, because I was expecting a red roof and not a toy top. Fortunately neither have much to do with taste and the top is kind of cute.

The menu had lots to choose from, but going for the full experience, I knew immediately upon reading the description what I was going to order - the Chili Cheese Burger. When the waitress asked me if I wanted the half or the whole, I paused only to convey the image that I am not a greasy burger eating, fat slob like her other patrons, but instead am a sophisticated connoisseur of tasty foods. Then I said, "Bring me the whole"

You can see from the picture that the whole was definitely whole. Covering the whole dinner plate and more than covered with chili and cheese, I ate and ate and ate, but couldn't eat the whole thing. Of course the order of onion rings and the chocolate malt may have contributed to that as well.

My wife and youngest son are drinking their chocolate shakes. I like it because they serve it right in the metal cup and don't even waste the energy to pour it into another glass. Plastic cups are for sissies. Real greasy spooners drink right from the frosty metal cup.

My Review:
The atmosphere, which always plays an important part in the greasy spoon experience was average. While the decor was old and worn (a plus) it didn't have specific character. Other than the original 1970's booths, there wasn't much that stood out. No gaudy art work or bowling trophy was to be seen. While you could smell and hear the sizzle of grease on the fryer in the back, you couldn't see the food being cooked, which is always a plus in my opinion.

The menu was varied with chicken, burgers, fries, rings and "frings" which is a great idea including a 1/2 order of fries and a 1/2 order of rings. There was dessert, but honestly, you're a monster if you can eat it all and then ask for dessert.

The service was great. Our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor, which always adds to the experience.

Overall, I'd give Conway's Red Top 3 greasy spoons.