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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Watched Water Never Boils

My blogging plan was to discuss my new Cingular 8125 phone and give a product review that would make you all jealous of my cool new toy. However, all I can say so far about Cingular is that they must deliver using horse and buggy, because 2 weeks after placing my order with our corporate rep I still don't have it. I guess if I'd quit watching for the delivery guy to knock on my door, it would probably get here sooner. The old "watched water never boils" statement applies here. Never one for much patience for new toys or water to boil, I turned up the temperature on the stove and called my rep who has been on vacation and is now promising me "ASAP" results.

On a side note, I'm beginning to notice a trend when I have conversations with some of my readers. A common phrase keeps recurring. "This better not end up on your blog!", has been threatened to me several times recently, and I'm not sure what about me makes some think that I take every Keystone Cops moment out of other people's lives and feel a need to blog about it. You know who you are!