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Monday, November 06, 2006

PC - Mac Parody Makes My Hypocritical Point

All the recent news of church scandal in my neck of the woods, which has some how even made it to the Al Jazeera network , has brought several things to light. I've analyzed, observed and now realized that one thing America hates, probably more than anything, is a hypocrite.

If you're a fall down drunk, you might get made fun of, but as long as you don't deny it or speak out agianst drinking, America in general doesn't care.

If you're a homosexual, no one is really going to bother you about it, as long as you don't tell others it's wrong to be gay.

This pattern is true for almost any moral / lifestyle choice, and isn't just limited to "religious" morality. Look at Ken Lay from Enron. People hated this guy because he let his company go under, costing his employees their entire future while he almost got away stinking rich. America hated this guy becuase he was thought to be a rich powerful guy stealing from poor innocent victims.

People hate hypocrites, regardless of how real they try to be.

This video I think proves my point. A funny parody on the Mac / PC commercials.

Thanks to my bro-in-law Mark for the link to his good friend John Mitchem, where you can find 2 more such videos.