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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Houston Humidity

Continental calls is "Express Jet", but if you translate that correctly it means "small metal tube without enough room to stand, stretch or even cross your legs, staffed by the big jet rejects, the ones who would like to tend to people sitting in first class, but somehow have become so grumpy with life that they are forced to ride these tiny tubes instead." That won't all fit on the airplane, so they paint "Express Jet" instead.

Why do I look this bad?
One word Hu [gasp] mi [gasp - gasp] dity.
As I ran for 60 minutes around the downtown area of Housont, breathing felt like I had my lips wrapped around the exaust pipe of a car while it was submerged under water. My self portrait above shows just how nasty and wet I was when I finished. If only my lovely wife would have been here to give me a big slimy hug when I got back.

On a serious note, it was amazing how much the humidity hindered my ability to breathe and run like I am able to do in Colorado. You can't see the humidity, but you can sure feel it. It got me thinking about what things in our life are like humidity. Humidity is the invisable killer of our ability to perform to the level we should. This "humidity" is made up of things like fear, insecurity and pride and I think I have a pretty good list of things in my life that need to be "dehumidified".

Last night, after I stopped sweating, I went to Sambuca, a great resturaunt which has live jazz music. Not only was the food great, but so was the music. Here's a clip of the band playing a little Dave Brubeck. Not the best video quality, but the sign on the wall that said "No pictures or video" made it a little harder to get a quality shot.