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Monday, June 26, 2006

Baseball, Ice Cream and Dads

My first major league base ball game I saw was the New York Yankees at the Kansas City Royals. I was maybe 12 and my dad took me with some of his friends to go see the game. It had to be the most boring game of the century as the whole 9 innings consisted of two hits resulting in one home run, a solo. But, I remember spending time with my dad and eating ice cream from a baseball hat.

Saturday, my wife and I took my two boys to see the Rockies host the Rangers at Coors Field. I have to admit I was a little concerned that their first game would be as boring as my first game and they would never want to go back and somehow I wouldn't measure up to my dad so they wouldn't even have that memory.

Fortunately, when the sky stopped dropping raindrops and the rain delay ended, the sky started dropping baseballs all over the infield, the outfield and even the stands. My boys loved it as they ate ice cream from baseball hats. It was everything but the apple pie. (the good kind - not the Jason Biggs kind)

Here are some more pics of the evening.

My boys enjoying the evening and as always taking an opportunity to ham it up a bit. I think they get that from their mom.

"Take me out to the ball game..." Yep the 7th inning stretch

A little pitching action in the 11-6 victory over the Texans.

Some memories I hope my youngest will hold onto for long time to come.

I think baseball has remained America's pastime not because we enjoy the game, though I understand some actually get into the whole statistics thing, but because it creates an experience for us. We eat ice cream from baseball hats, crack peanut shells and kick them under the seat in front of us and spend time with friends and family where we aren't distracted by work, the phone or the thought that the yard still needs to be mowed.

I love experiences.