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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Judgement Day

Wow, what a day yesterday was. I left my office at 3:15 to run downtown and pick up my judging packet from the Chamber of Commerce so I can judge who the best businesses in Colorado Springs are.

Then I drove home to meet the realtor so we could go judge which house we liked the best. We chose the one in the top picture from yesterday's post and submitted an offer... still waiting to hear back. The picture of the one we didn't pick is definitely better, but the inside and back yard testifies that our ruling was correct.

While in the middle of filling out all the paperwork to submit our offer, we got an offer on our rental house in Iowa. We quickly judged that it was a good offer and we will accept.

Grabbed Chick-Fil-A and a cherry-limeade slush from Sonic for dinner and drove home to put the boys to bed and watch the rest of the Stanley Cup game before the final verdict of exhaustion hit me and I fell asleep for a short recess.

Awoken at 3:06 AM by my 4 year old saying he was thirsty, I got him a drink and told him to go to the bathroom so he wouldn't wet the bed. Would that be considered "wetness tampering"???
Hopefully today will be a little slower, but I have a feeling it probably won't.

*** Update ***
While finishing this post, my wife called and informed me we have a deal on the house here in Colorado Springs. Looks like we're off and running again.