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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What Could Be Better?

This afternoon I get to do 3 of my favorite things while on the job.

First, I get to go meet a bunch of business people in the community. Presidents of banks, CEOs, leaders in the business community. I always enjoy doing this because I can always learn so much from the people I meet. Whether from observation or direct conversation I find I always come away with a new perspective on something.

Second, I get to be out of the office. As much as I love the view of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods from my office, I would rather be out in the scenery instead of looking at it through glass.

Third, I get to go play golf. I'm substituting for another person on his weekly golf league who is out of town. The great part of it is, I get to go play what is perhaps Colorado Springs most exclusive golf course... for free! The Garden of the Gods Club is a beautiful resort club that offers much more than just golf, but I'll have to suffer this afternoon and limit myself to golf only... and perhaps dinner too.

Oh yeah, did I mention we got an offer on our house back in Iowa? We're going house shopping over lunch today too.

I ask you what could be better?