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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finding a "So and So"

Why is it that whenver someone gets into an argument they do a great job of backing up what they say with all kinds of support? "You were an idiot last night because so and so said such and such and even what's his name agreed." Somehow this validates the point that you are an idiot and all you can do is say "Well - Huh!"

Why is it when people bring business ideas to a bank for financing they often times think the banker will read their mind and have the same energy about their business concept and just automatically give them all the money their asking for? And what makes you so sure that your idea is a good one? What support do you have for it?

You need to have a "so and so" say "such and such" about your business idea if you want to win this argument too.

Whether you need money or are just planning out your entrepreneurial endeavour for your own satisfaction, research is a key component that can help you immensely. Now understand that I absolutely hated research when in school. I couldn't even stand to do a stupid book report, much less dig through endless stacks of books in a library.

Fortunately for me... and you, you no longer have to immerse into public dorkdom by spending the afternoon in the library. Now you can get virtually everything you want online from your own home.

For example, want to start a check cashing business? Did you know that the Hispanic population is a great market to seek out because where only 4 out of 10 Hispanics have bank accounts, 8 out of 10 use banks to cash checks according to this study. Most public libraries have this kind of info available online. Also, check university websites. Many allow access without a student ID.

Point is - if you have something to say and are trying to convince someone you are right, use research to support your position. Instead of saying "Well - Huh" Say, "Actually, I surveyed the crowd last night, and 12 of the 16 people I questioned said I looked a little tired but other than that was quite pleasant to be around." Not only is it more convincing, but you don't look as stupid either.

A word of caution - don't try this with your wife. If she says you were an idiot... accept the FACT - you were an idiot.