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Friday, May 19, 2006

Batter Up!

Tonight is the night where I dawn my cleats and walk out on the field to play in the first of many softball games this summer. I've only played in one other league which was back in Tulsa. (Unless you count t-ball at age 6) The only good thing that came out of that league wasmy friendship with Adam and Shannon. Aside from that, we were so horrible that I would stand in center field and soak through my shirt without moving as the 98 degree heat and 97% humidity tortured me and the sweet stench of the sewage pond behind the outfield would quietly distract me from the fact that the other team has now batted around twice on us this inning. 20 to 1 wansn't an uncommon losing score for us.

But I have a much better feeling about this league. No humidity - No bugs - No sewage - Competitive practices - A pitcher that can get the ball across home plate. What more could I ask for?

I already have that still quiet flow of adrenaline already flowing in my stomach. I'll go home this afternoon, pack my bag, repack my bag and triple check that everything is in place. My wife will bug me about the insane amount of preparation I go through for a stupid softball league. Then I'll get dressed in my jersey and rush through supper because I'm like the little kid in the summer who wants to rush back out and play with his friends before the sun sets and before bedtime comes.

I can almost hear my mother calling me "Maaaathew Commme Hooome"
Gotta go - mom's calling, but we can play next Friday night too. Okay?