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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Visiting the Mexican Cultural Center

Tuesday night we went to the Mexican Cultural Center. I thought we were going to the embassy, but instead the ambassador from Mexico, Ambassador de Icaza, met us at the cultural center. We had great hours d'oeuvres.

A tip to those hungry when all you get is hours d'oeuvres for supper: Hang out by the door that the wait staff walk in and out of with the tray of food. You get a snack when they bring the food out, and the opportunity to grab several off the tray when they are taking the rest back in. A great way to turn a light hours d'oeuvres event into a light meal.

Some pictures of the house. It was built in 1910 by the Secretary of Treasury for President Taft. In 1921 the mexican embassy bought it and in 1990 it became the Mexican Cultural Institute.

This is the music room. At the top a pipe organ that still works. (They wouldn't let me play chopsticks on it though. I was kind of offended by that)
On the bottom the fireplace at the opposite end of the room.

The house has a HUGE staircase that climbs 4 stories. Each story had 12 - 14' ceilings. Along the walls all the way up the staircase was a mural painted in the 1930's that depicts the history of Mexican culture.