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Friday, February 24, 2006

Oh, How My Life Has Changed

Ask someone from my parent's generation where they were when Kennedy was shot and they'll describe it with detail. Ask someone of my generation where they were when the space shuttle Columbia blew up and you'll get the same thing. Of course ask anyone where they were on 9-11 and you'll get more detail than you want. Why? Because these things are major events in our lives that change and shape us forever.

Ask me where I was 8 years ago today and I can give you a lot of detail because my life was changed forever, only not through tragedy like the examples I gave, but for the better.

February 24th, 2006 8:44am I am on the couch in the upstairs living room of our first house in Ames, Iowa. My wife is on the couch with me and we are watching television and paying close attention to my watch. I skipped class for the day. It was the last semester of my MBA program, I was allowed at least one skip day in 2 years. I did call my professors and tell them I was skipping.

Why do I remember all of this? Because my lovely wife, Deann was in labor with our first child, Jacob. Her contractions started in the night and we were up tracking how far apart they were. Jacob wasn't born until 12:15am on February 25th, his great grandpa Dick's birthday (which made him even more proud)

Amazing how in 8 years your life have so many changes and other events happen, but you still remember the important ones. They seemed to be etched in your brain for eternity.

Happy Birthday Jacob - my big 8 year old son!