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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Picture Technique and Logic

Now that my wife and I are communicating strictly through my blog site, I wanted to take a quick moment and answer her question.

"What's up with the side profile? Do you think it is your better look or what?"

My answer is three fold.
First, from the side, I think I look much thinner. Compare this picture to the ones from the last post.

Second, I hate asking people to take my picture. It seems vain and touristy, especially when I'm not on vacation with my family. So I found that if I hold the camera in one hand with my arm extended, point it toward my head and guess about where the background is going to be I can (with a couple of tries) get a pretty good shot of myself.

Third, it's my new effort at branding myself. All of my blog pictures of myself are going to be side profiles. It's what sets me apart.

Okay, I made the 3rd one up, but it sounds good, so maybe I'll go with it.