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Monday, February 20, 2006

Fair Warning About Calling Me

As many of you know, since moving to Colorado Springs about 7 weeks ago, we have been living in the basement of my father-in-law and his wife's house while we wait for our house back in Iowa to sell. Not exactly stylish for the young and upcoming professional that I am, but it does have its definate advantages.

For example: When My father-in-law answers the phone it is never with the traditional "Hello" or "Klever residence". Instead you usually get "You have just entered the twilight zone" spoken with a eerie voice, or his favorite "Klever Kingdom, this is the king speaking". This becomes particularly fun when one of my friends (no names Ashley) calls and hears the Klever Kingdom greeting, pauses, mutters something unintelligibile and hangs up. A few seconds later the phone rings again, my wife answers with the usual "Hello." and someone (no names Ashley) says "Oh, wow, I just tried calling you and got the wrong number. I got some kind of animal kingdom or something."

So be warned when you call. Klever Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, if you squint real hard there's not a lot of difference. We're all a bunch of baboons and hyenas (I'll let you decide who is which) But we are having a great time out here laughing at all the people who call, hang up and call again.