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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Insights From Our Nation's Capital

Upon reflecting my recent trip to Washington DC, I want to share with you the insights I gained.

Here are 6 insights from my trip.

  1. I like my memories
    One more reason why I don’t drink alcohol occurred to me when I heard the stories of a man whom was nearly 70 (I’m guessing) walked with a limp and seemed the epitome of an old hard man. He started with, “I don’t drink tequila any more. The last time I drank tequila I woke up in a hotel room not knowing how I got there, and saw my car out the window in the parking lot, not knowing how it got there. I then looked around and saw five women in bed with me, not knowing who any of them are. I jumped up, ran to the bathroom, grabbed my stuff and ran out the door, started my car and drove away. I haven’t touched tequila since.” He said this as we all laughed at his misfortune and he finished his fourth beer of the night. “I don’t drink martinis either, but that’s another story.”
  2. I don’t like being classified as a religious person, although I am.
    Word got out that I used to be a pastor. I don’t hide it, but in business it doesn’t always get talked about. Once this news circulated among most of the group, I think I became overly sensitive to it and began to over interpret looks, whispers and jokes. “You can’t say that here, he’s a man of the cloth.” was one comment that just stuck under my skin. I think mostly because I was so worried that people would then think that I was condemning or too good, perhaps worst of all hypocritical. I truthfully felt the need to gather everyone together for a PowerPoint presentation with graphs and charts that would demonstrate why you can be a Christian and not have to be a hypocritical goodie-two-shoes about the whole think who continually was going to judge and condemn every breath taken. But conceivably it might have been because they felt conviction around me and they were just as uncomfortable about it as I was. Although I don’t like being the one that brings the uncomfortable feeling of conviction to another persons life, I, number one can’t control their feelings, and number two am not responsible for bringing any conviction. God is the one who is responsible for that. (Heb 4:12-13)
  3. There is too much politics in politics.
    While I like entertaining the idea of public office from time to time, There is no way I could be happy doing it for long.
  4. I should order more salad and less dessert when I travel.
    Or maybe buy bigger pants before I leave. “Sure, I’d love the caramel mocha cheesecake, can you cut me an extra big piece?” are not words that one should say… ever.
  5. Good intention is nothing without execution.
    I packed 3 sets of workout clothes and am bringing back 3 clean sets or workout clothes. Maybe if I packed 4 next time I’d actually work out.
  6. Pursue the subtle cues in another’s life.
    When one presenter mentioned an intern from Nebraska, his voice changed ever so slightly from a stiff, almost military tone to one of mild excitement. This cue led me to ask him where he was from. Come to find out, he was from Nebraska, we are both alumni of Nebraska Wesleyan University and both involved in the Greek system there. Now he wants to hook up the guys of my fraternity with internships in DC. It was all because I noticed a subtle cue and pursued it.