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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Funny But No

My family tells me I would be perfect for a number of different jobs. My mother says I would be great as one of those crazy ad guys locked away in the basement throwing spitwads or shooting nerf guns at co-workers while generating a creative moment for the next big ad campaign. My sister probably thinks I'd be great as one who fills in for one of those crash test dummmies while they go on vacation.

Thanks for the career advice... I think.

One job I don't think I'd do very well at is a greeting card stylist for Shoebox. My sense of humor is off just enough that they've created a classification of cards just for humor like mine. It's called "Funny, But No"

Here's an example. I read this one and thought it was perfect. Obviously not everyone did.

"When someone tells me "Into each life some rain must fall" I like to dump a bucket of water on their head and say "You mean kind of like that?"

To me, that's the perfect greeting card. So that's why I'll never be a greeting card stylist.

Article on Shoebox Greeting Cards: Funny But No by Associate Press