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Monday, March 27, 2006

Follow Up On My Meeting

Last week I mentioned my lunch with the EDC in the post titled "Big Impact with Big Effectiveness". Among other cool things, like finding out that a lady who came to lunch named Kara, knows Guy Kawasaki personally and even hooked him up with some CC hockey tickets when he came to town, we discussed my ideas of focusing on potentially explosive companies.

Our goal, as we discussed it was to take a relatively small company with slow or stagnating growth and turn them into a gazelle.

A gazelle company can be defined in several ways.
1. 20% growth annually
2. Revenue greater than $1M / Positive growth in revenue for 3 years

The outcome of the meeting was that we needed to establish our qualifying criteria for a potential gazelle company and determine a selection process. The project is, as I hoped, growing beyond the scope of my job and is on the way to including other organizations to help support this effort. In addition of the EDC, talk of including several other organizations like ours will soon become a reality.

In the mean time, I have scheduled appointments with two companies that are going to be my gazelle projects. I can't wait to get things started.