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Friday, March 17, 2006

Moist Lips May Mean Trouble

With the weather out in Colorado much drier than in Iowa, I've become accustomed to using lip balm. Primarily I use Blistex. Just my personal preference. I noticed my brother-in-law Mark and his wife Teri use it all the time. In fact they are continually smearing it over their lips.

In 1998 the industry was over $225 million in annual sales. Blistex was number 2 with 29.3% of the market. So it's nothing to smack your lips at. (sorry - bad pun)

I didn't give any of this much thought until I stumbled across this site. Now I'm a little worried. Am I an addict?
Do I need a 12 step program?
How can I find out if I am an addict?
I like Blistex, and don't use that cancerous Carmex stuff, so I'm okay... right?

I g-g-g-otta go. Need ta-ta-to put more lip balm on my lips. Can't stop the sh-sh-shaking. Don't want to eh-eh-end up like this guy.