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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tony Royster Jr. Prodigy

When I was about 4, I sat on the curb of a street in Essex, Iowa on Labor Day and watched the local high school marching bands pass by. I still remember to this day feeling the vibrations from the drums in my chest as the cadence cracked off the heads of the drums. I think that was when I knew I wanted to play drums.

I love the drums. I love the beat, the feel, the sound, the intensity and the emotion they bring to music. I'm not a great drummer, but I'm okay and I know that.

Enter Tony Royster Jr., now 21 years old and light years above where I imagine my drumming ever being. I first saw him on one of the late night shows when he was about 4 or 5. Just like when Tiger Woods hit golf balls at the age of 3 on the Tonight Show, Tony slapped the skins and wowed the audience.

Even if you don't' like drums, check out this link. A video of Tony at age 12 playing a solo. If you like drums, enjoy 7:56 of incredible rhythms by at child prodigy.