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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Going Back to High School

Tomorrow morning, I'm going back to high school to do a presentation on small business.
It should be fun, but I'm more excited about my illustration I came up with.

Starting a business is like building a sandwich:

Bread (Determination) - the foundation - it takes determination to build your business and without it all of the rest of the sandwich falls apart and your business fails.

Meat (Good Planning) - the heart of your business - without good planning and preparation there isn't going to be much of a sandwich or business.

Lettuce (Money) - there both green and they both make the sandwich better

Miracle Whip (Good Credit) - A sandwich just isn't a sandwich without the great tase of Miracle Whip. Your bank won't like the taste of your business without it either.

Top Bun (Expertise) - It holds it all together and makes it stand out - If you aren't an expert in your industry, you'd better become one before you open your doors or you aren't going to be able to keep your sandwich together very long.

Hopefully that keeps their attention and doesn't make me hungry!