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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A lie is not a lie if you tell the truth before you die

Perhaps because my father's wry sense of humor or maybe because of my mother's over bearing sense of discipline I find it necessary to bend rules to the point of breaking, but never let them break. Maybe because I married a strong willed woman, who like my mother it is nearly impossible to win an argument with that I typically avoid conflict with everyone, not just with my wife, and most often walk away without expressing my opinion even if I vehemently oppose what was just said or done.

I'm not sure what exactly has given me the skill, perhaps even the talent to be in the same room with someone I absolutely can't stand and would honestly like to punch square in the nose, yet I am able to mask those feelings and be rather pleasant. Does anyone else have those vivid imaginations of bashing in someone else's nose and watching blood splatter??? Uhh, yeah, me neither...

So does this make me a good diplomat or a great liar? Definately a good actor, but is it right to do? Aside from all the inner-self being psychology of my self esteem and ego, super ego, and id, is it morally right to put on this political front to keep peace?

My father used to quote his favorite scripture Hezekiah 3:2 "A lie is not a lie if you tell the truth before you die" Look it up... it's true ;) He would also quote things like "He who shall, so shall he who." Give you an idea as to why I'm the way I am???

So I wonder, to what extent I should be honest and to what extent I should express my true feelings?