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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

20 Bucks - a Tank of Gas - and Almost

I'm headed out for a short weekend trip to the lake. I'll be back blogging Monday with pics of the trip. Hope this post lasts you until then.

I came into work today at 8:30, the regular time. A young lady met me in the reception area needing benevolence help with gasoline. I knew she was there, we talked yesterday. Some brief paperwork formalities and off across the street to Welchers, the gas station across the street, to put $20 gas in her car so she can make her Dr's appointment in Iowa City today.

While coming out, I run into Brad, a good friend of mine, who's just grabbing some Gatorade and a power bar. We chat for a few minutes standing by my morotcycle when my life almost changed forever. Into the parking lot thunder 3 Harley Davidsons, riders dressed leather head to toe, looking like they've lived on the road for the past week. Brad and I exchange glances and both are thinking the same thing, "I want to go with them"

We talk with them for almost 30 minutes about their trip, their experiencs and common things between us. Finally, they get on their bikes and ride out of town to their next stop in Nebraska where they plan on parking their bikes in a "U" shape and straping a tarp over the top of them and sleeping on the ground.

As they rode off, thundering down the road, I looked at Brad... he looked at me and our hearts sank as we both wanted to climb on with them and ride in formation to Nebraska. I said, I got 20 bucks in my pocket and a tank of gas in my bike. I'll even sit on the back for part of it if you want to go, and for a second... we almost went.