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Monday, August 15, 2005

How the Other Half Live

On our recent trip to the Ozarks, we decided to do some slumming. You know, go adventure to the other side of the tracks (in this case the other side of the lake) and see how those less fortunate than we are live.

I snapped lots of pictures and here are some of my favorites. It truly amazes me every time I stop to ponder how people make it in life with so little and how much I take for granted.

Notice the waterfalls on this one. There is a hot tub on the second level deck that a waterfall comes out of also, but it was off. Probably to save money and keep the people in the swimming pool below from getting splashed on. Then the gazebo on the left has another hot tub in it. I'm estimating 4000 sq ft of living space.

This little shack sits next to a rather large swimming pool.

I think this was a Habbitat for Humanity home. Nice when the whole commuinty pitches in and makes dreams come true isn't it?

You can really get a feel for how the people just make do with what they have. This poor family actully carved this out of the rock and is living in a cave. Coincidentally a golf course is almost directly on their roof. If you hit over the green, you can end up chipping from their chimney

Obviously these people were just able to scrape by when they bought cheap white paint to cover the run down exterior of their house. You can't really make it out, but there is actually a grand piano on the second floor inside those huge glass windows.

This poor little one level ranch house barely has a view of the water. Yet, somehow they find the strength to get up every morning and push on.

This was my wife's favorite house. She thinks that having a spectacular view over the water will make up for extreme poverty conditions. I think it just lends to an easy escape as they become so depressed with their circumstances and throw themselves off the cliff.

Finally, my favorite one. You can't really see the structure of the house due to the trees, but the roof line gives you an idea of it's size. I'd guess over 6000 sq ft of living space, not including the wrap around decks. Poor people have been waiting over a year for the house to be completed. They started it last year and are still trying to finish it.

These are just a few of the hundreds of below poverty cases we see every time we visit the Ozarks. Please join me in an effort to help the poor people. Send your money to www.saveamillionaire.com and you can help stop poverty.

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