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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Darrin's Dance Grooves Goes Biblical

Remember Darrin's Dance Grooves? A "teach yourself dance cool" sort of video, which at one point in my life I actually had to learn some of the moves as a job requirement. Some guy, who will remain nameless (but if you click here you can probably guess who he is) came up with the idea. Since he was my boss at the time I had to do it. Another story for another day.

Anyway, always in search for the latest in Christian curriculum, I came across this fabulous version of it Jesus style. Check it out

Away with the sarcasm now.

Who thinks up this garbage? If I walk into a church to find the congregation in some form of worshipful line dancing, I'm staying for the show so I can blog about it, but then I'm never coming back again. Dear God, what would the unsaved, unchurched think about this?