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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tour de Iowa

Well Lance Armstrong has done it again. 7 wins for the machine. Winning it once - okay. Beating cancer - sure whatever. But beating cancer and winning it 7 times. WOW! Congrats.

Perhaps the greatest athlete of the century?

While Lance finished up his career, the Tour de Iowa, better known as R.A.G.B.R.A.I. was getting underway. The Register's Anual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa is a conglomeration of 10,000 plus families / co-workers / partiers / alcoholics and just great people from all over the country that come every July to pedal their bicycles across the state of Iowa. Having done it once all the way across, and a couple of times just a portion of the way, I can attest to the fun and experience that it is.

If you have never experienced Iowa (other than I-80 on your way through) then I encourage you to come next time. Truly a wonderful experience. But get in shape, Iowa isn't as easy as you think.

I'm off to help the chamber alliance distribute coffee and muffins to people willing to park away from the town square and walk to work. Part of the Business Improvement Committee I'm on. Hopefully I can snag a few cups and a muffin for my breakfast. I'm running late and probably won't have time to eat before I go. Hope you have a great day.