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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Success Defined

I've been thinking through this whole blogging process as I approach a year of blog. I see different blogs, some with a strict sense of purpose, some closely monitored, some random and some with little purpose at all. I'm not sure where I fit in to the whole mix, but probably not in the "strict sense of purpose" category.

One thing I have seen on several blogs is a blend purpose and humor. I think that is where I want to go.

For the last two years I have had an idea for a book I wanted to write on success. Well actually 2 books, but I'm not ready for anything on the second book yet. My biggest concern about this project is have I accomplished enough in life to be able to sell a book? Who knows, but here's my plan.

Over the next several months, among my usual silly stories and news items I come across, I'm planning on posting portions of chapters that I've written, or ideas I'm working through to one, inspire you and two, get your feedback on what you think.

Before I post anything, I want to hear from you. Without using the dictionary or other reference tools, how do you define success?