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Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekly Poll Results

[tap - tap - tap] "Hello - is this thing on?"

Obviously I'm paying for my almost 2 and a half week hiatus from consistent blogging and my faitful readers have revolted against me and quit voting on my weekly polls, so just for kicks, I'm leaving it up... until I think of a better question.

As of now the results are staggaring.

2 people "Don't really get it. What's the big deal"
1 person "I can't stand all the emotional hype and hankerchief waving"

What's even more depressing is I voted, so only 2 people actually voted.

Worse yet - my wife was one of the other two. Drat! I'm such a looser!

I promise, this week will be filled with lots of great blogging. I've already got 4 great posts lined up. (my lame attempt at regaining the masses - no one is below begging -not even me)