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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I read an interesting article at Workforce Management by E.L. Kersten, author of The Art of Demotivation and creator of my favorite posters. I particularly liked it because of it's sarcastic tone which it is written.

The outline is this:
To have a workforce completely demotivated, you have to follow these guidelines about your company's core values.
  1. The development of your company’s core values should be outsourced to consultants.
  2. Core values should not be anchored to any transcendent social values.
  3. Core values should be stated as ambiguously as possible.
  4. values should be inconsistent with your strategic market focus.
  5. One or more values should be anchored to objectives over which the employee has little control.
  6. At least one of your core values should be employee-oriented.

I've worked for places like this many years ago. Thank God I'm not there any more.