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Monday, June 06, 2005

Open the vent and let some air out

Well it's heating up around here in Pleasantville, IA. We gave in and turned on the air, opened the vents and let some air out. About the same time, I realized I needed to do the same thing in my own personal life... so here goes. Open the Vent and hang on.

Needless to say, my life has been stressed. Not just "oh I have a big project due next week" more like I could care less about the big project and am just thinking I should start a petition for a national bring your gun to work week.

I've been dealing fairly well with the whole situation(s) despite the common no one to talk to problem. (fortuantely it's been about a week since anyone has read my blog, so my ranting will be still fairly anonymous)

Then the straw comes, you know the straw... the one that broke the camel's back. I come home from a much needed stress releasing jog when I'm met by my neighbor who, while I'm still in that quasi-nauxious stage of post-jogging, begins to lecture me on the neighborhood ettiquite of burning your grass clippings. Here in pleasantville they don't care if you burn your trash and the EPA probably doesn't know our town exists so we all burn. Anyway, the normally friendly guy snobs me and gives me the "my house and Tracy's house smelled all day, maybe you should... blah, blah ,blah"

Anyone want to direct me to the nearest way out of Pleasantville or where I can find a gun with the serial number filed off???

Close the vent and resume normal air flow - thank you.