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Monday, June 13, 2005

Camp Meeting Plus Name Dropping

Well it's June again, so that means it's time for our church's camp meeting. I've never been a traditional fan of any camp meeting, but I do my part and make it all work. In addition to the usual hustle and bustle of any camp meeting it's our church's 25th year anniversary, so that adds a different element to the whole scheme of things.

I spent almost 35 hours last week shooting and editing 3 videos to air during our services this week recapping the past 25 years of the church and then looking into the next 25 years. Kind of fun, but way too time consuming. I have decided that if Hollywood were to call and offer me a job as a video editory, I'd probably take it... if it paid a ton of money of course.

Then every night, beginning Sunday and finishing Wednesday, not only is there a 2 hour service in the evenings, but also a "special" meal afterwards for the guest speakers and staff. In the past it's been allright. We've had some pseudo-big names. Charles Nieman, Brian Zahnd, Tim Story, or Hilton Sutton for example. These guys are pretty neat to sit around and listen to their stories over dinner, but this year since it's our anniversary we brought back the original pastor Gary Crowl (dean of Rhema) and then the original assistant pastor. Totally understandable for the theme and nostalgia, but big time let down for the conversation. Lots of reminiscing that I am clueless about since I've lived here under 3 years. Oh well, we had a great banana cream pie for dessert. What else can I ask for?