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Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekly Poll Results

Another week - Another poll.
Okay - actually I missed a week, but come on... it was one busy week.

A quick recap - Last Wed - preached (I rarely do that)
Last Sunday - Preached again (I even rarerly do that - yes I know that's not a word Noelle)
Episode 3 gets released, my boss is on vacation, my life is upside down, and I am feeling a little stressed about some pretty big decisions to be made in the next month or so.

So - enough with my excuses and on with the results.

Are you planning on seeing Star Wars Episode 3?
0% Wednesday @ midnight
33%Thursday evening
33% Later when the lines die down
17% When it comes out on DVD
33% When hell freezes over

Because I'm a little slow on the reporting of this poll, not much to comment about. Pretty much lost its steam.

So, on to this weeks poll. I've conducted hours of frivolous research to ascertain this serious socio-economic question.
Check it out.