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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I Created a Monster

This morning I get up to go run. My usual routine. I go downstairs to get my shoes, remembering they are in the living room, I begin to look around, but don't find them anywhere. I check by the door, out on the porch, in the bathroom, then back up stairs in my bedroom on the chance I actually remembered to take them up. Nothing.
Back down stairs hurrying to find my shoes because my running partner, Kiley, is probably on his way. A little adgitated now, I still haven't found them and begin tracing back in my mind where my shoes are. They should be right there in the living room, but they aren't.
Everything resolved when I realized Kiley overslept... AGAIN! I crawl back into bed and go back to sleep.

Later My youngest son wakes up and Deann asks him, "Tyler, have you seen daddy's shoes?"
"Where are they"
Tyler smiles and runs up the stairs, opens the linnen closet and reaches to the back and pulls out my shoes.
"Why are they in the closet, Tyler?" Deann asks.
"Cause I wanted to hide them from daddy." he says with this incredibly ornrey smile.

I've truly created an ornrey monster. Now, I'm going to have to hold him down and tickle him for at least 5 minutes when I get home just to get even.