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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Helping Around the House

I'm not exactly the perfect Mr. Mom, but I do okay at helping around the house. Granted I forget my cereal bowl in the sink occasionally and don't participate in many of the household chores that my wonderful wife does, but come on.... is this really necessary?


The "Your Turn" washing machine requires a fingerprint before allowing the machine to start. This way the wife can't do all the laundry because it won't start for her if she started the last load. The man's fingerprint is required to start it this time.

Women - burn your bras and protest congress about equal rights, but for the love of God, has it really come to this?

Mr. Pepe Torres, inventor of the Your Turn suggests that if men don't want to take their turn, they should leave one of their fingers at home for their wife to use to start the next load. After I beat Mr. Torres unconscious for creating such a stupid invention, I think I'd just have my wife enter all 10 of her finger prints into the machine, then she can rotate through all 10 fingers and never miss out on the opportunity to do the next load of laundry.