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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm a Busy Bee

Wow - I feel totally busy, but yet somehow unmotivated. I think the overwhelming wave of work that keeps piling up is quickly killing my motivation.

So far I'm busy with preparing for our Saturday night service, which is starting in 5 weeks - Finish shooting and editing the mother daughter video for mom's day - beginning shooting and editing video testimony videos (4-6 of them) - hiring a new office person - meeting with builders to plan the construction on our church's new building - teaching a communication class for 9 more weeks - prepare for a meeting with the county hospital to propose partnership with our ministry and their programs.

That's just the stuff on my desk that I can see right now. In addition I have the things I've forgotten about or have sticky noted somewhere, the counseling appointments, the sermons to prepare while our pastor is in Peru on missions, the yard to mow and the oil leak on my motorcycle to fix (no it's not a Harley)

So what's up with you this week? Busy or easy week?